10 Aliens Caught on Camera in Real Life

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10 Aliens Caught on Camera in Real Life

Are we alone in this universe? That is a question that has troubled many people for decades. But if these
videos are to be believed, then we already have the answer we are looking for. Today, we will be looking
at aliens captured on tape. Number one is the most compelling so watch out for it.

10. I’m Ready for My Close Up
North Carolina’s Candid Critters is a group of people who set motion activated cameras all over North
Carolina with the purpose of capturing the local wildlife in their natural habitat. They regularly post their
findings in social media, mostly of them are of easily identifiable local fauna just going about their
business. They aren’t in the habit of posting unexplained or mysterious content, but one of their photos
sparked up quite a controversy. Just look at the photo and you’ll see what I mean.
This photo was taken on March 2 nd 2019 in some undisclosed woods in North Carolina and was posted
online with the tagline “Critter Quiz Time, what species can be seen in the photo below?” The photo
shows a haunting close up of a creature in the dark with hollow black eyes appearing to peek curiously
into the camera.
Many commenters quickly pointed out that it looked like the famous gray alien, with its dark bulging yes
and pale complexion. Although Candid Creatures did say that the photo was of a curious housecat, they
never elaborated on how they came up with that conclusion.
So, is this a photo of an oddly curious gray alien? What do you think.

Number 9. The Alien of Red Gate
Red Gate is an area in Western Montana that has been reported to be a hotbed for paranormal activity.
For the past 50 to 60 years, sightings of weird lights, UFOs, and even unexplained humanoids have been
reported in the area. However, all of these tails are based on eyewitness accounts without really any
hard evidence to back it up; until now.
Don Bromley, a ranch foreman in Western Montana, had a habit of setting up hundreds of trail cams in
the property where he works, mainly to catch photo of the local wildlife, and sometimes even
trespassers into the property. But one day, he captured three night photos that baffled him.
The first photo showed the blurry image of a humanoid figure with distinct legs, undefinable arms, and
an oddly large head. The next two photos were pitch black, which was odd because the trail camera was
working fine. Did the figure in the first photo cause the camera to malfunction?
Did we just see evidence of the paranormal activity on Red Gate? Is it an alien? Let us know what you

Number 8. The Texas UFO
UFOs have been spotted in the skies of Texas for decades. This next clip is just one of the latest.
Secureteam10, a YouTube channel with more than 350,000 subscribers, has published a new UFO
sighting out of Texas. The footage of the Texas UFO is actually pretty clear. The Texas UFO was saucer
shaped. And apparently changed speeds, according to the man who shot the footage. Interestingly, the
Texas man is not a big UFO believer. But he noted that there are too many unexplained things out there.
This is a common theme with many people regarding aliens.
What’s shocking about this video is the fact that the man filming the object was very much a skeptic, but
the event was so compelling it was enough for him to suspend his disbelief.
Did this man film an actual UFO? You decide.

Number 7. The Dead Alien
This video has been on the internet for more than a decade now, but it still sparks an animated
discussion. The footage was taken near the village of Kamensk in the Russian republic Buryatia, just
north of Lake Baikal. It showed what appeared to be a humanoid body less than a meter high with a
skeletal big-eyed head and thin naked body. One of its legs was missing. Off-screen comments said the
body was found a couple of hours before and was clearly very dead.
The local media reported there were numerous reports of UFO sightings in the area in March, some of
them later attributed to bombing training at a nearby military range.

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