Amazing two UFO filmed over Korea Sea! July 14,2018

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Amazing two UFO filmed over Korea Sea! July 14,2018
Witness statement as follows:
This object was seen in the sky next to São Jerônimo da Serra, in the district of Campina, on 08/07/2018. According to the driver of the vehicle, Object was at a certain altitude, and according to the video follows it takes a certain speed and gains altitude. Momento We do not have news on what is.

We flew from Kaliningrad to Moscow and filmed a video, but at home I found at least 6 objects flying alongside, as if accompanying, or maybe posing in front of the cameras. Better look at the speed of 0.25.

A strange planet is entering our part of the universe? Filmed Australia 7/6/18.

I looked outside in my backyard to notice a white blueish tinge light as bright as a star coming inside the bush in a tree it looked like as I recorded it here it went dim and changed as the lights changing color from blue to pink and white again I was in shock.
I watched it for 30 minutes trying to think of what it may be.
I dont know but I have seen a few lights in the sky at night my partner seeing red light and that vanished in the same direction in the sky 3 weeks ago.
I think it may be a ufo unidentafied not flying though object in my backyard bush.
What do you think there is no road or houses where this is. I joy as I did recording this. In Australia. Near whyong in bush area.
Please send a comment on if you to have seen a ufo.


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