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Goblet of Truth
The book of the entire Teaching of the Prophets
Teaching of truth, teaching of spirit, teaching of life from

Henoch (Enoch),
Elia (Elijah),
Jesaja (Isaiah),
Jeremia (Jeremiah),
Jmmanuel (Jmmanuel),
Muhammad (Mohammed)
and Billy (BEAM)

In this book, the ‹Goblet of Truth›, the true prophet of the new time, ‹Billy› Eduard Albert Meier, known as BEAM,
is once again providing the human beings of Earth as well as extraterrestrial races and peoples with a very significant
work of truly universal uniqueness.

Similarly to the OM book (1988), the structure is based on chapters as well as
numbered verses, and employs a similar linguistic mode of expression.
By the power of his consciousness-related ability, his extraordinary skills and his in-depth knowledge, BEAM called
up the first 14 chapters from terrestrial storage banks, where they have been stored for millennia in the form of a
symbolic picture language. What this amounts to is the original teaching of Nokodemion, billions of years old, that
has been taught on this planet Earth and disseminated by his six subsequent proclaimers from Henoch to
Mohammed in various genuine explanations and in accordance with the understanding of their particular epoch. By
name, the following listed prophets have been involved:
(1) Henoch (Enoch) (3 February 9308 BCE to 1 January8942 BCE),
(2) Elia (Elijah) (5 February 891 BCE to 4 June 780 BCE),
(3) Jesaja (Isaiah) (7 February 772 BCE to 5 May 690 BCE),
(4) Jeremia (Jeremiah) (9 February 662 BCE to 3 September 580 BCE),
(5) Jmmanuel(Immanuel) (3 February 02 BCE to 9 May 111 CE) as well as
(6) Mohammed (19 February 571 CE to 8 June 632 CE).

The six named proclaimers of the spiritual teaching stood in direction progression and prophetic line with one
another, and therefore represent a continuous rebirth of the spirit-form. The important task rested on every single
one of them to announce the original teaching of Nokodemion to the Earthly humankind of their particular time and
life epoch, delivering it to posterity according to their best ability and capability. Like the prophet of the new time,
they were also supported and accompanied in their Mission and task by advisers and teachers of extraterrestrial
origin. Due to the continuously changing perceptive faculty of people as well as an increasingly highly developed consciousness
over the course of the millennia, more highly developed rational and cognitive thinking as well as growing
cognitive capabilities, the teaching of creational laws and recommendations had to be adapted by the prophets
again and again to the new evolutive conditions and taught accordingly. Over the course of the approximately
11,000 years of their

Mission and their appearance, the spoken and written traditions repeatedly fell prey to oblivion
and material degradation in accordance with the naturally given laws of growth and decay. Until the present time,
the prophets of the past millennia had not been given any technical means of recording the teaching of spirit for
posterity or making it accessible. Only in the cosmic storage banks have their teaching and explanations been retained
and stored for all time down to the present day.

Billy Meier
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