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A new documentary has been produced through a crowdfund called 'The Way To Live' Dubhaltagh O Hearcain was the organiser/fundraiser for the project as well as the director/producer. This documentary deals with the current overpopulation crisis and the steps people are trying to take to live a sustainable life within the laws of nature.

-A brief synopsis-
"The groundbreaking film, The Way to Live, explores groups of people from around the world who have set out on the path to unravelling deeper questions in life. They provide us with in-depth, logical reasons as to why the old order of political, religious and cultural philosophies are leading to the breakdown of our societies while alternatively providing us insights into the holistic, regenerative and restorative benefits of an ancient teaching based on the laws of nature. They open up about the deeper wisdom and consciousness awakening that can be unlocked if we learn to live, observe and participate in a symbiotic relationship with the natural world around us."

Note: This documentary has now been released and is available to purchase by going to this site (Nature's Way) and by clicking on this link here -

The Way To Live -

Director - Dubhaltagh O'hEarcain (Nature's Way)
Editor - Henry Gelperin
Videography - Cesar Perez

Nature's Way YouTube Channel -

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