Denver, Colorado UFO sighting 2020

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Witness report: "Hello there my name is Cearaand I live in Denver Colorado… Living in Colorado I’ve seen lots of UFO’s in my 40 years of living here but as of recently I’ve been noticing some bright stars or something in the sky that I’m starting to see about every other night often on for the last two weeks now… I went outside sometime last week to take my dogs out noticed that whatever was in the sky was incredibly bright As I took one dog in to get the other when I came back out whenever I saw that was bright and completely disappeared… There’s generally too bright object in the sky when is very bright and one is a little bit dimmer next to it… And I started to analyze whatever was in the sky it completely came back on bright and shiny we had an extremely cloudy day but for whatever reason you could see what was ever in the sky so I pulled out my camera and started to record this… And then just a few days later I continue to watch for them and on the second day they reappear ..they didn’t dim out is greatly is they did the first night But not only did they light up and go away they also moved positions"

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