Eerie footage of an unidentified (UFO) bright light shining over Australia! Feb 16,2019

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Eerie footage of an unidentified (UFO) bright light shining over Australia! Feb 16,2019
Witness statement as follows:
Video Credits:

Broome Police
That’s the question Broome Police officers were confronted with after reviewing some unique CCTV footage.
The video, taken during last night’s thunderstorm in Broome, shows bolts of lightning flash across the screen before a strange shadow appears.
The UFO-looking object hovers there for a few seconds, illuminated for moments at a time with each strike of lightning.
It then appears to tilt upward and float out of the view, before coming back once more.
Broome Police shared the bizarre footage online, posting: “After reviewing CCTV at town beach of last night’s storm, it appears we were not alone”.
The post has been liked and retweeted several times.
One explanation put forward is that it came from the reflection of a vehicle’s reversing light in the car park.

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