Giant Flying Saucer spotted over La Porte,Indiana! July 13,2018

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Giant Flying Saucer spotted over La Porte,Indiana! July 13,2018
Witness statement as follows:
A few years ago I recorded these objects to what I call (UFOs) but I will leave this page open for you to decide what these objects could be, I leave it to Maussan to see if he is interested in leaving a record.

Hey its Nick the blue eye rasta. Here is a video of some weird looking clouds.

Not sure what this object is but it goes behind the cloud and seems to remain there.

Two UFO sightings in the mexiquense cultural center, the video only comes out one and seconds later another one appeared that did not record why it disappeared

Driving on I64 between Lexington and Frankfort we saw these in the sky


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