Giant Mothership hiding in the clouds over Dulzura,California! Sep 30,2018

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Giant Mothership hiding in the clouds over Dulzura,California! Sep 30,2018
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David Hylander
it was in lemon grove ca i was heafed home from Delzura and some really wierd clouds over the mountains i didnt get a picture of but as i got closer home i stopped and took the video its bad but i was driving 3 other cars stopped to take pictures

Back Yard Sky Watching. The Sky Is Not The Same.
The sun and another visible object

nate woolbright
UFO in the sky in new Jersey 2018

Nasty Skunk 88
weird sky nyc must see appear in random places lights arent stationary

Stephen Hembree2
UFO or object filmed during a super moon
I recorded this one 1 day apart from the previous video. Between the 2nd and 4th of December 2017. Here's 2 links to that video. One is slowed down. The first is unedited.

Isai Garcia
Weird clouds

Carlos Sánchez

Tloc 88
Insane sky over #Bakersfield CA 2018

Seltsame Lichter über dem Berliner Himmel
Strange lights over the Berlin sky


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