Huge Mothership is hiding from the Sun,filmed in Brandon Mississippi! Nov 28,2018

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Huge Mothership is hiding from the Sun,filmed in Brandon Mississippi! Nov 28,2018
Witness statement as follows:
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Earl Johnson

Vishal Yadav
Strange Thing in the sky Location : Lucknow, India

Ray & Charlie P
Ufo's spotted in stoke-on-trent

Danny Bun
Weird clouds in Phoenix Arizona
I was in the car with my friend, suddenly I looked up and see the strange clouds in a straight line.

Melissa D
Still frame shots of Memorial Day UFO Medium
Being that my video capture was so rough, I slowed it down and took still frame shots of the object. The details are incredible!

SunsetBeresford Music
WTF is this Ufo above earth on iss in space

UFO - Unknown Flight Object 06.12.2018

KillemWithKindnessx420 _
UFOs sighting in Los Angeles, CA Dec. 7th, 2018
Hey everyone, on December 7th, 2018 at 4:20am in Los Angeles CA. Me and my girlfriend where on our way home from work. As I was driving, me and my girlfriend both saw a flashing light at the same time in the sky. Afterwards we were both looking at each other and I was like "wtf.. Did you see that babe", "wtf, was that" as we were both confused, I told my girlfriend to take her phone out for incase we see anything like lights in the sky, we can record it. So thats what we did. We started recording, trying to get a good video. After we got home, we couldn't stop talking about what we saw. We recorded for much longer but we couldn't get a better angle at the lights, What do you guys think?? Me and my girlfriend know what we saw. And honestly, those were UFOs to us, we were both mind blowed for what we had saw.

Billy Lewis
Weird clouds over Centerville TX(1)

Ovni ou sonda


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