"Look" Silver UFO Over Mexico | Filmed By Shocked Witness

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The clouds are way off in the distance, the place is Mexico and the clouds - they silhouette the large silver UFO like nothing I've seen before. There's more than just one witness in this video that sees this UFO but we don't see them. The eye witness filming is talking to someone, right? Unless he's narrating it for the viewers because he knew he'd be uploading it? It's been disclosed anonymously though which I fully understand and agree with because of the constant hurtful things people keep calling anyone who sees a UFO, which they either don't like or agree is a UFO at all. It's actually moronic, but each to their own I suppose. It's rife within Ufology and on social media. But as long as the videos and UFO photos are being discussed and disclosed then that's a good thing. There's a definite feeling that this UFO is real, there's no sign of trickery or pasting into the video as I've had this through some filters and I can't see anything out of the normal. In the video, the eye witness refers to the UFO as "it's ginormous" but because his main language is Spanish, he really could be saying something different that I can't understand? If you know Spanish, please let me know in the comments what you believe it that's being said? Cheers guys and please share this video, it's the first time I'm using this brilliant video intro which was created by @visualdon via Instagram. Check him out.

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Credit: UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/UFO Sightings Footage Instagram/Ufosfootage/@visualdon Instagram.
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