Massive UFO spotted above the sea in San Clemente California! Jan 25,2019

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Massive UFO spotted above the sea in San Clemente California! Jan 25,2019
Witness statement as follows:
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U.F.O. over Pacific Ocean January 25, 2019
San Clemente California

Gerson Padilla
Espectacular triangulo ovni aterriza en las vegas

Strange Pink Reddish Clouds in the Sky...Something’s going on

Avistamiento en moreno sábado 29 de diciembre tipo 7 de la mañana

Randy H
UFO sighting Manitoba Canada
This what I saw on my way home from work today. At the end of the video it looks like a light aircraft flasher on it WTF check it out.

Strange cloud formation ufo
In California, San gabriel valley

Weird lights in the night sky?

Two suns

Потолок Сервис
Сегодня НЛО в Мытищи 21.01.2019г

Chase S.

U.F.O Over San Francisco


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