Mind Blowing Videos You Should NOT Watch Home Alone

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Narrated by James LaFleur
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From creepy encounters of giant humanoids to unbelievable moments caught on camera in this video I will be analyzing the most mind blowing videos you should probably not watch home alone.
Every day thousands of people are uploading videos to the internet , and while some of these viral videos are completely explainable many of them become a complete mystery. This is one of the reason I love exploring the internet and talking about mysterious videos.
Imagine coming across what you believe to be a giant walking on top of a mountain , you wouldn't know what to do , right ? What about getting your camera and recording it ? Well this is exactly what happened to Andrew who was with a friend of his when all of a sudden he spotted something strange on top of the mountain. His friend however did not want to stop to record it and the footage got very shaky , but what Andrew captured that day really looks like some of the footage that people all over have seen of what appears to be a giant. Do they exist or is it just a bedtime story ? (Andy Kept video : https://www.tiktok.com/@andykapt)
Have you ever heard of Skinwalkers ? Well it's a viral sensation on the internet , mainly on TikTok. The thing is before it became a sensation it was a story that was told amongst natives from the Navajo tribes, hundreds of years ago, and it was a story told as to get others' attention to the mysteries and unexplained things surrounding the woods at night. Fast forward to today, little by little videos of what's supposed to be skin-walkers, that are supposedly witches that can transform, started showing up and a certain YouTuber caught it on camera. But is it really a Skin walker or is it something else ?
You've probably asked yourself hundreds of times how the ancient pyramids were built and who built them, if it was really humans or not. Well a couple of years ago a mysterious video of a supposed ancient artifact object started showing up on twitter and other social media , an object that was able to do the impossible. Could this object explain what happened in ancient Egypt ?
I analyze these and other viral videos in this compilation. Welcome to the Impossible Channel where James LaFleur (me) talks about and analyzes the strangest and most mind blowing videos found on the internet for your entertainment. I upload twice a week so get ready for more creepy content !
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