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I love watching mysterious videos at night, but it's not always for the faint of heart - the word mysterious comes from Latin, mysterium, the word first originates in 1610s, "full of mystery, obscure, not revealed or explained," and this is exactly what we are going to be taking a look at today.

From an unexplained phenomenon to mysterious creatures captured on camera, in this compilation I will be analyzing mysterious videos you shouldn't watch in the dark. A professor captures a strange phenomenon from his porch , what is it that he is seeing in the mountains on the other side of the hill ? A Family goes on a trip to relax and the opposite happens when they stumble upon a scary creature lurking by the river. A YouTuber comes back from a trip only to find out that he is not alone in his home. He captures a chilling encounter with a "monster" creature on camera, mystery sound happening once again last week but this time it's different. A mind blowing phenomena that was captured in Radan Mountain and may have something to do with an ancient construction - or is it ? this and much more on this chilling and creepy video. Welcome to the Impossible Channel where I analyze the most unbelievable and strange videos for your entertainment. I upload 2 videos per week to stay tuned for more videos like this.

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