NASA Triangle UFO Footage From Apollo 17

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Apollo 17 cameras we're rolling when a Triangle shape craft is realised to be in the upper part of the viewfinder. This is going to be hard to dismiss and even harder to explain to the people who funded the whole program! That would be the US people. So, what the hell does NASA do about it, they cover it up and turn off the light.

Dropping this was probably their (NASA's) biggest disappointment of the whole program! Imagine if they came out with the evidence as they were coming across it? We'd have all accepted by now that Aliens exist and we would be so far ahead and prepared mentally, technology - wise and engineering - wise. But because our ethos, goals, aims and understanding would have shifted significantly beyond our wildest dreams than anything else, our "everything" would have changed. It could have been a turning point for humanity, as far as we know this is all part of the path of enlightenment and our destiny as a consciousness. So, I'm asking this:

Where do you think we'd be now if we were told the truth about what was witnessed in December, on the 19th in 1972's Moon mission which was the last Apollo mission to land on the Moon?

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