NEPHILIM Explained: Who Were They? Angels and Demons 4

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Are Nephilim in the Bible? Is it explained anywhere in the Bible? Are they the Sons of God in Genesis 6? What are the Nephilim and what role do they play? Are they merely spirit beings like angels? Find out who the 'Sons of God' and Nephilim are in this study of one of the most interesting passages in the Bible from Pastor Allen Nolan, as well as a look at the book of Enoch (which is not Scripture but reveals interesting things about the Nephilim)!

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0:00 Introduction and Review
1:23 Genesis 6:1-4
2:59 Sons of God
5:00 Sextus Julius Africanus
7:00 Augustine and the Catholic Church
8:17 Applying Hermeneutics
9:15 Genesis 6:3
9:37 Hebrew Word for Strive
10:53 Genesis 6:4
11:19 Hebrew Word for Giants
13:55 Hebrew Word for Mighty Men
16:10 Giants in the Promised Land
19:35 David and Goliath
20:47 Genesis 6:7
26:26 Comparative Mythology
30:00 Fallen Angels
Be sure to watch past parts of the Angels and Demons sermon series! For more videos explaining the Bible, check out Pastor Allen's study on Revelation, Amos, and Genesis! Thank you for watching this video from Cornerstone Fellowship in Tahlequah, OK! We hope this helped you grow in your walk with Jesus. For more life changing resources, visit us at

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