Nephilim: Giants of Men, Fallen Angels, or Something Else?

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This video explores one of the most enigmatic portions of scripture, namely the identities of the Nephilim, and the sons of G-d. The terms have been translated as giants of men, and fallen angels by many throughout the ages. Surprisingly, this was not the go to answer in Judaism, or in later Christian thought, and therefore the "or something else." I examine where these ideas come from, and present the normative view of the Jewish sages throughout the ages. The video has been time coded for easy reference. Sources are in the blog:
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0:00 Intro
0:48 Primary Biblical source verses for Nephilim
1:54 Deliberate translation "sons of rulers"
2:12 Primary Rabbinic sources
4:55 Dialogue with Trypho, purported ancient Jewish position
6:09 Sources in Babylonian Talmud and later Midrashic works
6:30 Great Biblical commentator Rabbi Saadia Gaon
7:00 The great Jewish biblical commentators 3 major opinions
11:30 Second Temple sects outside of Rabbinic Judaism 1st Book of Enoch
12:32 Brief overview of the Book of Enoch in Early/ Modern Christian thought
14:00 Summary
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English: the Ethiopian Jewish holiday of sigd, reminiscent of Shavuot
Date 27 November 2008
Source Own work
Author האגודה הישראלית למען יהודי אתיופיה
English: The Second Jewish Temple. Model in the Israel Museum.
Date 1 August 2008, 12:06:12 (according to Exif data)
Source Own work
Author Ariely
Description Français : Extrait du Livre du Prophète Hénoc écrit dans l'ancienne langue d'Abyssine / Nord Éthiopie
Date 14 February 2016
Source Own work
Author LesÉditionsFilbluz,_%E1%88%98%E1%8C%BD%E1%88%90%E1%8D%88_%E1%8D%A1_%E1%88%84%E1%8A%96%E1%8A%AD).png
Description English: Exploitation by Diego Rivera in the Palacio Nacional
Date 24 September 2011
Source Own work
Author Kgv88
Saadia gaon:
Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai:
Description עברית: ציור קיר של רבי משה בן נחמן (רמב"ן), על גבי האודיטוריום בעכו. על פי שלט ההסבר "רמב"ן - 1267, השלים בעכו את פירושו לתורה. מת בעכו ב-1270". מידע נוסף ניתן למצוא כאן
English: Wall painting of Rabbi Moses ben Nachman , at the wall of Akko's Auditorium. Don't know the painters name though... More information (in Hebrew) about the paintings can be found here

Date 01/09/09
Source Cropped from File:Rabbi Moses ben Nachman (Nahmanides) - Wall painting in Acre, Israel.jpg
Author Chesdovi
Author Kgv88
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