Real Giants 6 Accounts of Real Giant Encounters

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Real Giants - 6 Accounts of Real Giant Encounters

In folklore, giants (from Latin and Ancient Greek: Gigas, cognate giga, are beings of human appearance, but are at times prodigious in size and strength or bear an otherwise notable appearance. The word giant, first attested in 1297, was derived from the Gigantes (Greek: G??a?te?[1]) of Greek mythology.

Fairy tales such as "Jack the Giant Killer" has formed the modern perception of giants as stupid and violent monsters, sometimes said to eat humans, while other giants tend to eat the livestock. The antagonist in "Jack and the Beanstalk" is often described as a giant. In some more recent portrayals, like those of Jonathan Swift and Roald Dahl, some giants are both intelligent and friendly.

All ancient cultures and religions have references to giants in some form, from India to the Americas cave paintings and traditional depict similar accounts of creatures that bare resemblance to giants.

In modern times there are still findings and accounts of these large beings and although some are most definitely fake some are truly remarkable.

So let's look at 6 accounts of giants and let me know if you think these beings are real or fake in the comment section below and don't forget to hit that subscribe button.

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