SCARY Moments You Can Only Watch If You Are Brave

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From scary creatures in the woods to unexpected encounters with ghostly figures in this video I will be analyzing mysterious and scary moments caught on camera that only the brave can watch.

Unsolved Mystery : A YouTuber is warned not to venture into the woods in a specific location where many people go missing, but he doesn't listen and goes anyways. After hearing creepy sounds that seem to be getting closer and closer, he decides to tape it all and you'll never believe what he captured on video.
Mind blowing moment : Nature can be beautiful but often times a bit scary too. A group of people decide to have lunch in a restaurant in the mountains when they are caught by surprise by heavy winds and well, what happens next is unbelievable. This and much more
Paranormal Phenomena : A Woman seems to be having trouble understanding what is going on inside her apartment , since she moved in things aren't as they should be. Objects move, drawers open by themselves and this is when she decides to film it
This and much more ! Welcome to the Impossible Channel where I analyze the most mysterious and creepy videos for your entertainment. I upload 2 videos a week so expect more of the strange and mind blowing things on the internet.
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