Silver Disk Within Short Distance of the ISS is Remarkable

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This is what I call epic, undeniable evidence of an Alien craft (but an advanced Alien craft) because it comes and goes from the ISS. That's as you know, got to be intelligently done i.e flown towards the ISS and then flown away from the ISS. It's not even got any astronauts at the window of the ISS saying Holy smoke or gee wizz. It simply beggars belief beyond words because these guys are there to look for signs of Alien life in space. NASA is acting like a joke because these videos are real. We can blatantly see them doing nothing about the Silver Disk shaped object flying near or very close to the ISS. These types of videos are quite literally two to the dozen to the penny! There's page after page showing results for UFOs near the ISS and even docked with the ISS. Yes there's an old adage that simply put says "it only takes one".

BY the way, that "one" was actually three UFOs which where declassified and approved for released by the US Government in 2019. To which they did release to the people of the United States and the people of the world! So, please let us not debate if UFOs even exist because we now know for a scientific fact, scientific results of reasoning says that UFOs exist. It is no longer a matter for speculative debate. It's not up for a vote on who believes or who is more believed or believable using clever words or because of their influence. UFO which stands for Unidentified Flying Object. These are not and I repeat "not" science fiction. They exist in reality, our reality. Please tell your friends.

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Credit NASA via UStream.
Credit UFO News.
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