Spectacular huge Mothership hiding in the cloud over Florida! June 29,2018

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Spectacular huge Mothership hiding in the cloud over Florida! June 29,2018
Witness statement as follows:
I went on a family trip to see the mysterious Marfa Lights. We weren't able to see the Marfa Lights that night, as they only appear a few times a year.
However, I did capture something that I thought was strange. Hot air balloon? Blimp? All I know is that the thing was at a standstill and never moved till it got too dark to see it anymore.
I have one more clip from this same position that I will post in a bit.

Strange Light Formation over Hamburg...
Maybe UFO"s?!?!
Maybe Airplanes?!?!
Maybe Superman?!?!
Maybe Birds?!?!

Apparition of the planet x in Angers France. The prophecies are fulfilled. It was about 3:00 pm and I noticed it only a few moments later, the sun was gone and this glowing object or material replaced it for hours, and I could feel that its rays on my skin was pretty weird.

Look at this please. I've never seen anything like that ...
Is it HAARP or is it the effect of vinegar? Would be very interesting to know now.
Try it yourself. But be patient. It takes longer without orgonite.

UFO over MOSCOW! They are real!
These objects have been hanging for many days and are moving smoothly like drones-beacons from different sides of visibility from our windows! Mom noticed them from the height of the 11th floor to the North, which we did not believe at first !!! THIS OBJECT is at a distance of more than 2 km. There are neither close nor far, only new technology allowed them to photograph fairly close and less qualitatively.


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