Spectacular huge UFO hiding in the cloud over Colombia!July 27,2018

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Spectacular huge UFO hiding in the cloud over Colombia!July 27,2018
Witness statement as follows:
A huge UFO city camouflaged in the form of a cloud recorded on July 7, 2018. Soledad Atlantico Colombia

something strange in the sky possible UFO Mothership sitting still with strange lights going off

A stream fragment from the ISS, which NASA removed from its channel, but before it was recorded by attentive NASA subscribers ...

Recently I went with my family on a road trip from Idaho to Galveston Texas and on the way we saw this crazy lightning cloud. So I filmed it and saw something else interesting. I think it's on an earlier clip so I will post that one too and point out the time that something sorta strange shows it's self. I was in a bumpy truck out the window with this and I didn't realize that rotating my phone while filming might mess up the video but ..it is what it is.

UFO over Anapa? A glowing object hovered directly over the house.

This video was shot in Athens, Greece on Monday, July 16th 2018, at 11.36 p.m. precisely. This weird event lasted approximately 2 minutes. I began filming almost instantly, after seeing the first flash of light from a window and managed to film 1.17 minutes in total. Has anyone seen anything like that before?

Strange cloud above Hirtshals in Denmark.
Underlig sky over Danmark.

Filmed today at around 1:45PM.
Apologies for the quality. I was filmed on my phone. On my phone the image is perfect. But on here it looks shit.

This thing had at least 2 legs protruding from the bottom of it.
I thought it was a balloon at first but after watching it move around and seeing that it was turning and had legs I really have no idea what it was.


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