The Best Apollo Real Alien Spaceship You'll Ever See | It's So Close As Well

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I'm shocked looking at this blatantly obvious Alien Spaceship (spacecraft or Alien vehicle) because I am well aware that NASA has never mentioned anything about this UFO. Their ethos is to track down Alien being's in space, to hunt for Extraterrestrial life in space and advance mankind in science, space travel and now tourism seems to be latched on in a big way.

But we keep on coming up with new UFO evidence time after time and no matter what it is, NASA outright refuses to look into them, and it's their own evidence from their own media archives. It's staggering to say the least the lengths that NASA will go to to literally say nothing, admit nothing, deny everything through a total lack of acknowledgement. And It's their own photo's and videos. Go figure, it's just wrong what is happening, or the lack of anything happening should I say? I hope one day NASA has a change of heart and begins to investigate further any claims of UFOs, Alien bases, Lunar structures, Mars anomalies etc. I hope so...

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Credit: NASA/Wikipedia/ Sightings Hotspot/Canva.

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Apollo 16 AS16-123 UVC Far Ultraviolet Camera/Spectrograph S201.
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