The Most Jaw Dropping Bigfoot Videos You Will Ever See

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From scary videos and unbelievable encounters of strange creatures to mysterious sounds in the woods , in this video we will be looking at some of the most compelling footage taken by all sorts of people from all over, of what's supposed to be one of the strangest mysteries yet to be solved - the Yeti.
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The legend of Bigfoot, Yeti or Sasquatch begins in the early 1800s. However way before those times, natives and ancient tribes already used to talk about this mysterious furry humanoid looking creature that roams the woods at night. Nowadays because almost everyone has a camera it has become easier to capture such a creature on video. The thing is, is it just a myth, or is it not ?
Today we are going to take a look at this mysterious and unexplained tale by analyzing the most jaw dropping Bigfoot videos you will ever see in this mind blowing compilation.

If you have ever searched the internet, you've probably come across the Missing 411 videos or documentaries. The thing is , back in the 1970s hunters were able to capture deep in the woods sounds that are as mysterious as they can get. Some believe it could be evidence of Bigfoot, others think it's something else. Creepy isn't it ?

In this compilation of creepy internet videos will analyze encounters that YouTubers and several other people had with this creepy creature. Are these Bigfoot sightings legit ? or not ?
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-SDNik encounters a strange creature in the woods while hunting , but what he does next will leave you baffled. The video is although too short and it's very difficult to affirm if this is the real deal or not. I'll leave it up to you
-Sergei is a brave hunter that heard strange tales of a "monster" creature that roamed certain woods next to his home. He went to investigate it and what he found out will chill you to the bone
-YouTuber anythingwhatever is driving a car with her boyfriend when she comes across something unbelievable, something that she can't explain. They spot it but once they do get back to the same place , it's simply gone. Should they get out of the car to explore ? Watch to find out
-Tourists in a forest spot what appears to be a bear , when all of a sudden you can recognize that it has long arms and legs, and at a certain moment it stands up and you can see it...walk ? Is this Bigfoot or is it something else ? The strange thing about this video is that the tourists that caught on camera did not record the event very well....leaving us baffled about what was it that they really saw....

These and much more unbelievable videos for you to watch. Welcome to the Impossible Channel where I , James LaFleur , analyze the most mind blowing and strangest videos found on the internet for your entertainment. I upload 2 videos a week so get ready for more of the creepiest and most unexplained videos you will ever see.

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