The Most Mind Blowing Videos Of 2021 ( so far )

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That's Impossible Channel is brought to you by me - James LaFleur - with the intention of narrating and analyzing the most unbelievable , unexplained and scariest videos - and in this amazing compilation I will be analyzing the most mind blowing videos that were featured on this channel in the year of 2021.

Also : In the beginning of 2021 amazing and strange lights were captured all over, and no one knew exactly if this was a normal event or something else - in this video I bring to you my thoughts on the subject. Bigfoot and other mythical creatures are to this day a mystery - however is there any proof they could come from this world , and if so - underground maybe? Now just imagine you are facing the wildest weather and something unbelievable happens to you - well this situation happened with a family and they had the chance to record it all and in this compilation I will bring to you the opportunity to re-watch it as one of my most favorite moments of this year.

Creepy : Stella Lansing is one heck of a strange person to talk about , and this year I've featured her story in one of our videos, and if you don't know anything about her I suggest watching and paying attention to this wonderful but unexplainable phenomenon.

Randonautica was something that started trending last year and 2021 was where loads of YouTubers chose to go randonauting on their own, and what most of them find is just unbelievable and scary - CJ Faison is no exception, in this video we analyze one of his scariest adventures into this mysterious app.

paranormal caught on camera : Most people are skeptic when it comes to ghosts , however these investigators are able to capture amazing moments on camera.

This and much more of the scariest videos of 2021 - hope you enjoy !

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