This Is PROOF That Giants Used To Live On Earth. What Was Discovered Will Make You A Real Believer!

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Skeleton, footprint, and other findings make it believable that giants used to exist. 10 Clues That Prove GIANTS Might Have Once Roamed The Earth.
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Stories of giants are a staple of most cultures. Since the advent of storytelling, giants have been the obvious antagonists in tall tales and apocryphal legends—most probably because they’re not hard to imagine. A giant is simply an oversized human, and its stature alone makes it intimidating and villainous in the collective mind of normal-sized people. As we all know, giants didn’t die with ancient civilizations. We’re still fascinated by giants, so much so that many people believe they are real, or that they at least existed once upon a time. Though the evidence is slim, giants are so ubiquitous in religion, mythology, and greater culture that the legend lives on. But believers are not entirely wrong; they’re just wrong in their conception. It turns out that giants exist and have always existed, but they’re just not what you think they are.

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