Two star like blinking UFOs were observed for 45 minutes in Jacksonville, Florida.

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Witness Description:
"Looking out my front door around 9:30 - 10:00 PM EST I noticed what I thought was a plane just over the tree tops but as I watched it I saw multi colored blinking lights mostly white with blues reds greens and yellow mixed in randomly. I live in Jacksonville FL and am used to seeing planes in the sky and this was def not one. It was slowly rising and other planes in the area seemed to fly right by it. I could see the reflection of the blinking lights on them as they passed by. After a few mins of watching this I saw a streak of bright white in the sky to the right quite away from the first one that stopped just above the tree lines and also displayed the same random blinking qualities. I called my friend at this point to confirm if he was seeing the same thing, and he did from about 10 miles away in another part of town. We both watched as this new closer object blinked random colored lights and at one point seemed to split into 2 and then reshape. I shot 45 secs worth of video but being at night it is poor quality compared to what my eyes were seeing. They both seemed stationary at times but would move randomly and continued heading slowly N NW and seemed to be gaining altitude. Both were still out there 45 mins later when I went to bed still slowly moving N-NW continually blinking".

Source: mufon
Filmed in Jacksonville, Florida. 11/30/2021 9:30 pm.
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