Unbelievable Phenomena You Might NOT Wanna Watch Before Bed

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You've probably asked yourself many times, "how are there so many strange and unexplained things out there" ? Today we are going to be taking a look at some of these things, from unexplained phenomena to mysterious and unbelievable moments caught on camera, I hope you're brave enough to watch Unbelievable Phenomena you might not wanna watch before bed.

Nathalia is a youtuber who posts videos of herself and sometimes she features unexplained and bizarre things that are caught on camera. In one of her videos she captured an amazing phenomenon , but what makes this even weirder is that she's not the only one.

Strange creature : If you've ever travelled to the shoreline you've probably encountered strange creatures that have washed up on the beach.There are legends and myths of strange creatures all over and most of them are just bed-time stories, however fishermen were able to capture this huge "monster-like" creature on camera and they weren't the only ones who saw it. What is this and why is it so common for people to see it in this specific region ? I noticed that this creature or thing whatever it is is swimming way faster than any snake or even the boat sometimes...That's something I would not like to encounter myself , and neither do locals or fishermen.

Youtuber has a scary encounter : The number of people who go missing every year is astonishing , and a youtuber was brave enough to explore a "underground" city , the thing is he wanted to catch snakes and pythons and what he encountered will leave you baffled.

Earthquake lightning : Strange lights have been recorded since 1960s as earthquake lights, a bizarre phenomenon that has been studied and researchers found out recently that it has something to do with specific rocks shocking against one another , but is it really what's going on ?

Strange sounds in the woods : In a specific region there is a creature that lurks late at night that keeps everyone wide awake, the noise it makes is unique and many people debate that it could be bigfoot, other say it's a coyote but coyotes don't make this kinda of noise...so what is it ?
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