Unbelievable Videos I Warned You NOT To Watch

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From an unexplained phenomena to scary encounters with mysterious creatures, in this video I will analyze unbelievable videos I warned you not to watch...

Also in this video -
Strange phenomenon : A viral video found online of a couple of friends amidst one of the craziest and strangest phenomena ever caught on camera, the thing is they don't seem scared by it at all and continue recording what appears to be the ground breathing - but what could be causing this mysterious phenomenon ? I will share with you my thoughts on what could be causing this.
Mystery encounter with Bigfoot : I myself have had many experiences I can't explain and I believe that I have may have encountered what some people believe to be the Bigfoot , so this is why I found this interesting. "A family finds themselves face to face with what's supposed to be this creepy and scary creature , they don't know what it is - could it be the infamous Sasquatch ?" Let's find out.
Unexplained videos : A mysterious phenomena is caught on tape when all of a sudden bright strange lights start appearing in the night sky. To this day there is little to no explanation to what really occurred , but I'll try my best to analyze this strange event and you tell me what you think of my thoughts on it.
Glitch in the matrix : Many people believe that we might be living in a simulation like in the movie 'Matrix' , of course this is not probably what's going on , however sometimes when the strangest and most unexplainable things occur we are left with no answers, scratching our heads and questioning everything. A family in a roller coaster ride seems to be a party of 4 when all of a sudden one of them disappears right in front of our very eyes - To this day it remains unsolved. A glitch or something else ? you decide.

This and much more - Welcome to the Impossible Channel where I analyze the strangest and most mind blowing internet videos found online. I'm James LaFleur and I upload 2 videos per week for your entertainment so be sure to get ready for more content like this.

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