Unbelievable Videos You Might NOT Be Able To Explain

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From mysterious phenomena to unbelievable encounters with creepy and scary creatures , to paranormal events and haunted houses - in this video I will analyze Unexplained and unbelievable videos you might not be able to explain.

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Strange and unexplained things happen every day. But most of the times there is a good explanation to what is going on, however when there isn't it baffles us for days, maybe weeks - sometimes even months. This is sort of what happened in a small town when a mysterious fiery and metallic object falls in a small city and no one knows exactly what it is, but it seems it's not the only similar event in the last few months - what is going on ? I analyze the possibility of being something other than just the ordinary explanation.

Being a security guard is a very brave job, but have you stopped to think how many strange stories one might gather working at a night shift ? Well in this video we will follow closely a creepy and scary encounter with a possible paranormal phenomena , a paranormal event that was happening at an abandoned house - are you ready for this one ?

A couple of weeks ago a mysterious mummy was sent for analysis to possibly find out if it could be proof of mermaids. But there's more to this story. In the same month a TikTok user found himself surrounded by strange sounds in the ocean - sounds that according to certain stories , could be coming from mermaids. In this video this TikTok user finds himself face to face with a mystery you won't most likely be able to explain. He caught it all on camera.

These and much more unbelievable videos for you to watch. Welcome to the Impossible Channel where I , James LaFleur , analyze the most mind blowing and strangest videos found on the internet for your entertainment. I upload 2 videos a week so get ready for more of the creepiest and most unexplained videos you will ever see.

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