Unexplained SIGHTINGS You WON'T Wanna Watch Before Bedtime

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Every year there are around six thousand sightings of strange and unexplained objects. This is just in some regions , imagine how many sightings there are in total. This is why I decided to do a compilation of Unexplained Sightings you won't wanna watch before bedtime. Are you ready ?

Loch Ness sighting : Richard Outdoors is a YouTube channel that shows us a normal life where he captures amazing moments in the woods fishing with his friends and camping. One day they decided to go camping in the Loch Ness region and it was when they decided to do a drone fly by that something mysterious was caught on tape.
Mysterious sightings : there are several phenomena that are eye catching and one of them is Red Sprites. This is what people at first thought they had captured on camera after a family dinner, the sky lit up red and started pulsating, but it wasn't Red Sprites , so what was it ?
Phenomena in the sky : A couple of months ago several lights were seen, fire-ball like lights in the sky that captured the attention of locals in a small town, what they captured on camera however was something so mysterious that they started questioning if this could be something not of this world. Experts say it's just debris, others believe it might be something else, in this video I analyze what it could be.
Unexplained noises : One of our subscriber contacted us with an intriguing video of a strange noise he heard at night - however he isn't the only one. What could it be ?

Bigfoot : There are eight hundred thousand drones flying around us per year, so there must be at least a few creepy things they caught on camera right? A creepy encounter in the woods suggests that we have unknown creatures out there, and Sasquatch is the first thing people think about when we focus on strange and unknown things like broken and bent trees. In this video a YouTuber captures an amazing drone footage that no one can explain.
Paranormal Investigation : A family notices strange activity in their home and decide to investigate, this is when they end up capturing something creepier and one of the scariest things ever, on camera. This and much more. Welcome to the impossible channel where I analyze the most mysterious and creepy videos for your entertainment. I upload 2 videos a week so expect more of the strange and mind blowing things on the internet.

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