Unexplained Videos That Are Freaking The Internet Out

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From mysterious creatures to mind blowing places and a strange phenomenon caught on camera, in this video I will be analyzing unexplained videos that are freaking the internet out.
Unexplained Mysteries : Rosita is a haunted doll owned by an older woman , and in her city she is known to move by itself leaving everyone who gets to know her as baffled as it can get. Most people after seeing it change their mind because there is almost no explanation at all to what could be causing the doll to move by itself. At a beautiful beach a mysterious creature washes ashore and at first no one finds a good explanation to it. What could it be ? A mysterious light in causing a strange noise in a valley and guess what, seems other people have captured the same noise years after - no one seems to know what it is. Two subscribers send intriguing videos of what appears to be a "glitch in the matrix" plane halted in mid-air, but are they ? Urbex: Now imagine you're in the middle of the woods and you find an old abandoned door , what would you do ?
This and much more , welcome to the Impossible Channel where I explore and analyze mind blowing and strange videos for your entertainment. I upload 2 videos a week so expect more of the creepy and unexplained.

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